Monday, February 19, 2007

The Sights

Today I did not do too much, with it being Monday, my first day free since school ended last week. The day started with a stop in the historical centre to meet a friend for a chat, followed by a "passeggiata" along the streets of Florence, with camera and music in tow. These pictures were taken atop Michelangelo around 4pm. Michelangelo is renowned for its panoramic views of Florence and the Arno valley, making its terrace a popular spot with both locals and tourists.
After a good hour of taking in the scenery and plenty of photo opps, I made my way to San Miniato, one of the city's most striking examples of Florentine Romanesque architecture. This church is characterized by its bicoloured white and green marble facade. It really is breathtaking.
This evening I met with a friend for an English/Italian conversation exchange, and now, have just returned home, to plot out my adventures for tomorrow.