Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A few more to go!

So, with just over one week left here in Florence, I really am trying to pack in as many things into my calendar as possible. Last night was so fun!! Irma and I met up with David and Marco at Capocaccia for aperitivo. They are such nice friends and good company, and it helps that they are just so darn cute!! :O) After aperitivo, we went for a walk and took a few more drinks at a pub in the centre. A good night!
This morning I woke up excited about Nice, so I decided to find a webcam on my new city, and here it is: http://pv.viewsurf.com/?id=40. I just can't believe that, according to this site, at 10am it is already 17.9 °C in Nice!! And look at that beach!! I think I could be in that Mediterranean water as early as next month! What paradise! Yes, yes, the overuse of exclamation points in this blog entry, but I am excited, very excited!! If you take a closer look at the webcam, you can see people are wearing t-shirts and shorts, in February!
Now that has got me to thinking... I am going to have to change my blog name since I won't be a "girlinflorence" anymore. Any suggestions??