Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Veni, Vidi, Vici...

Ha ha, who I am kidding with the "vici" bit... I have yet to conquer this language, as I continue to live in fear of my Italian grammar book. Another set of pronouns to learn, more prepositions, maybe even a future future tense? It's funny how an inanimate object can stir such negative emotion inside me, but it does. So when I drop the book and "accidentally" kick it under my bed (gotta put the steel toes on for this one!), I feel it a little well deserved.
And now I know why school is only 2 hours a day, because it's next to impossible! In just 2 1/2 weeks we are onto our seventh, yes seventh!, tense. Today we learned "il condizionale semplice e composto (passato)", but let me tell you, there is nothing "simple" about this tense. These Italians make it sound so easy, but I am not believing it for a minute. :o) Emma, my classmate, and I look at eachother in disbelief, shrug our shoulders in tandem, and for a few moments, are speechless. We can't even form a sentence in English at this point, let alone Italian! But we move on, knowing that in only a few hours, we will be in the presence of some gallo nero, compliments of the Chianti region.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

La Belle Et Le Bad Boy

Ils s'étaient rencontrés sur les bancs d'l'école
Entre une heure de colle de maths ou un cours d'espagnol.
C'était une fille fun fana de football.
Lui ne craignait pas les balles, c'était le goal.
C'qu'il lui promettait c'était des ballades en Corvette.
Pour l'instant en survêt, il volait des mobylettes.
Mais entre eux c'était toujours complicité
Escale sur un piédestal un rêve délimité.
S'il devenait triangle, elle serait rectangle
La belle et le bad boy, le triangle rectangle.
C'est comme passer de Joe Dassin à Jodeci
Un vrai truc de ouf style pur clip de R & B
Elle vit le grand amour, qui commence dans la cour
Se poursuit dans les tours et rime toujours avec toujours
Mais le contexte est plus fort que le concept.
Son mec se jette dans les flammes et il se lave avec.

Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent,
La belle et le bad boy.
Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent,
La belle et le bad boy.
Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent,
La belle et le bad boy.
Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent.

Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent
Pour gagner des sous ensemble.
Parlent sans faire semblant de faire des coups ensemble
Et si c'est sanglant.
Ils plaident devant Dieu ensemble. Vu.
Il était convaincant, elle était convaincue
À croire qu'aujourd'hui s'arrêter était exclu
Ils trafiquent des faux billets avec des réseaux slaves.
Balancent la concurrence.
En France c'est un délit grave.
Risqué pour les pommettes, les mecs sortent des Baumettes.
Lui n'a qu'un seul truc en tête, c'est la quête de sa Corvette.
Ambiance paranoïaque. L'équipe adverse traîne
Des projectiles partent quand une BM freine. Quand elle tombe.
Il a les larmes aux yeuxDeux balles de 22. Vingt-deux ans adieu.
Le contexte est plus fort que le concept
Son mec s'est jeté dans les flammes, faut qu'il se lave avec.

Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent,
La belle et le bad boy.
Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent,
La belle et le bad boy.
Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent,
La belle et le bad boy.
Les sous-ensembles dans les grands ensembles s'assemblent.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hospitality 101

Monday... started with class at 9am (in punto!) and 2 1/2 hours later, in the bar with three classmates for cappucino. Every day after school the four of us are on a mission to find the best (and cheapest!) coffee in the city. So far so good, today's cappucino was only 1,10 Euro, good work Emma! Then off to Zara to take advantage of the sales, but unfortunately, was not convinced by anything I tried on. "I guess there was a reason why those pants were worth only 9,90 Euro!"
At 1pm I met a couple from France, Nadine and Arthur. Together we climbed all 463 steps to the Duomo, took pictures, ate pizza for lunch, followed by the most delicious gelato in the city. Hey, we figured we had to treat ourselves for the ascent we had previously endured, right? And I felt the need to numb my brain, since after not speaking French for over eight years, was forced to today, as the conversation switched from "en anglais" to "en francais." Fantastic!! We wrapped up the day with a stroll along the Arno and agreed when I visit their country, I will give them a ring. Happy day!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tiromancino - Per Me è Importante

"Che bella canzone...ogni volta che l'ascolto la mia testa viaggia nelle nuvole, e il mio cuore fra le stelle..." anche per me...

Le incomprensioni sono così strane
sarebbe meglio evitarle sempre
per non rischiare di aver ragione
ché la ragione non sempre serve.
Domani invece devo ripartire
mi aspetta un altro viaggio,
e sembrerà come senza fine
ma guarderò il paesaggio...

Sono lontano e mi torni in mente
t’immagino parlare con la gente...

Il mio pensiero vola verso te
per raggiungere le immagini
scolpite ormai nella coscienza
come indelebili emozioni
che non posso più scordare
e il pensiero andrà a cercare
tutte le volte che ti sentirò distante
tutte le volte che ti vorrei parlare
per dirti ancora
che sei solo tu la cosa
che per me è importante...

Mi piace raccontarti sempre
quello che mi succede,
le mie parole diventano nelle tue mani
forme nuove colorate,
note profonde mai ascoltate
di una musica sempre più dolce
o il suono di una sirena
perduta e lontana.

Mi sembrerà di viaggiare io e te
con la stessa valigia in due
dividendo tutto sempre.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Road

La Strada - Orciano Pisano - Italy, 2005
Today is Saturday, and I woke up late, 11:30am late. I started my day with a bowl of Corn Flakes, a blood orange, and an Italian crossword puzzle. If anyone has the answer to #5 down, 3 letters, "Raganelle in un'isola francese," please, fill me in. :o)

This link will take you to a live webcam of Vancouver, with a shot of the Burrard bridge: Yup, when I see pictures like this, I definitely start to miss the place. But, I am not nearly ready to go back. I am looking forward to this year, the people I will meet, and where I will end up. When you know clearly what you want, you will wake up every morning excited about life.

Spring, my favourite season, is just around the corner. Flowers, birds, blue skies, fruit salad, wine spritzers, white eyelet dresses...

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yes, it's been a while since I last posted, so I'm glad to be back. What can I say about these past 10 or so days? So many different things. To start, I had a fantastic few days in Milan, thank you!! I've grown quite fond of that city over the last few months, to say the least. Who would have known?!

What else? Well, I am starting to feel a little antzy, almost as though I want to pick up and move to another city, in another country. I'm thinking Paris could be on the horizon as early as mid-next month. I'll see how it goes. But it's true, I get an idea and I run with it, not really one for staying put in one place for too long. Just think... Paris is a party, a city constantly being reborn, stylish bistros, the best baguette, vintage jeans, enchanting parks – quite possibly a city one could never grow tired of.

As I continue to study Italian, the more confused I get. This is a difficult language to say the least. But I love it and would hate to lose the "little" that I have learned so far. So on that note, time to hit the books.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

48°52′0″N, 2°19′59″E vs. 43°46′18″N, 11°15′13″E

That's my question..
This head is spinning
A personal tug of war

Monday, January 15, 2007

Blind Faith

Feeling free to be dazzled
Enthusiasm for life
An eternal optimist
A charmer
Flattery through knowledge
Seduction through words
Sometimes stinging
Always intentions to soothe

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I found this, I loved it, I had to share it...

- Gino Paoli

Sapore di sale,
sapore di mare
che hai sulla pelle,
che hai sulle labbra
quando esci dall'acqua e ti vieni a sdraiare
vicino a me,
vicino a me.

Sapore di sale,
sapore di mare
un gusto un po' amaro di cose perdute
di cose lasciate lontano da noi
dove il mondo è diverso,
diverso da qui.

Il tempo è nei giorni che passano pigri
e lasciano in bocca il gusto del sale
ti butti nell'acqua e mi lasci a guardarti
e rimango da solo nella sabbia e nel sol.

Poi torni vicino e ti lasci cadere
così nella sabbia e nelle mie braccia
e mentre ti bacio sapore di sale
sapore di mare,
sapore di te.

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Freckles, freckles, and more freckles!

Who would have thought, freckles on my face, in January. And only within one hour of being outside in this warm, Tuscan sun.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Io Vivo Bene!!

First, I really love this pic.

My life is so balanced these days... I study, I go out, I exercise, I relax. And yes, I can't forget, I eat well, so incredibly well!

On January 1st, I spent some time planning this year ahead. You know, just a few resolutions here and there, three or four things I want to achieve. I started surfing the web for ESL teaching opportunities in Europe, and I found this one organization, named "Pueblo Ingles." This organization runs English-speaking camps for Spaniards. I perused the site and was immediately interested, and so, I decided to fill out the volunteer application form, very spur of the moment.

After submitting the application, a message popped up saying something to the effect of, "Thank you for submitting your information. If selected to be a volunteer, you will receive an email 4-6 weeks before your chosen volunteer date." I closed that message and continued to surf the web, not thinking twice about what I had just done. A few days passed and I logged into my email account. There it was... an email from Pueblo Ingles saying I had been selected as one of the volunteers for the May 4-11 camp in La Alberca, Spain!! How incredible is that?! So, in exchange for one week of volunteering, the camp offers free accomodation and meals, and use of their facilities.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Room with a View

Unlike Carrie, I don't use a laptop, I use a book. I don't have $40,000 of Manolo's sitting in my closet, I have a few pairs of comfortable boots. But, the one thing we do share is a wonderful view from a wonderful room from a wonderful city.

School doesn't start until next Monday, which means I have a few days of freedom... well, not quite. In fact, I am studying more on my own than when I was in school last month. I am happy about that though, because it really makes a difference when you choose to study something, rather than being forced to. Amy gave me another great book, titled, "Mastering Italian Vocabulary," which breaks down the vocab and verbs into segments, or chunks. For example, if I am at the dentist and trying to explain how much pain my teeth are in (while he's drilling away no less!), the book lists all the nouns, verbs, etc. for the particular situation. This is definitely something to get excited about, the inner-nerd in Kristi is coming out, big-time.

In just a few minutes I am heading out for a run with both Lola and a friend around the Cascine. I need to take advantage of this beautiful, bright, winter weather we are having in Florence. And also, burn off the 2 pounds of pandoro I ate this morning for breakfast, a nice treat from a special friend.

One last note before I prepare for my outing, the sky is so clear and so blue, that in the distance, I can see a castle in the hills. Imagine that...


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A present for me!

It didn't arrive in a robin's-egg blue box adorned with a white satin ribbon (being bratty here for a moment!), but it's still a present, and from Canada. Contents included:
  • my favourite pair of dark denim Levi's... nothing beats 501's!
  • lots and lots of gym clothes... need to get my sweat on
  • a bright pink down jacket... some may call it 'red'
  • a pair of suede cowboy boots... yeehah!
  • makeup, makeup, and more makeup!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

The first week of January

What a whirlwind these past few days have been... pitstop in Milano, then onto Venezia, and a night/day in Trieste.

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, January 01, 2007

This is serious business... I call it, "Destination Europe"

I've been in Italy for months now, and loving it! Today is a New Year, and as much as I don't want to think about what I will do after leaving Italy, I found a solution, and it's a brilliant one... to stay in Italy longer! Haha!
I was browsing the Embassy of Italy's (based in Canada) website today and found that the Government of Italy offers short-term (1-9 month) scholarships to Canadians wishing to pursue further studies in Italy, such as culture, music, art, history, and to my fortune, language! In addition to being able to study in Rome, Perugia, or Siena, the scholarship offers a stipend of 700Euro per month.
So, being the diligent, clever, witty girl that I am (the list goes on and on... tee hee), I sent off a short but sweet email to the Consulate in Vancouver this morning, requesting more information for this scholarhsip. I believe the application deadline is April 2007, for commencement of studies Fall 2007, which is just around the time when my current visa expires. Perfect timing, you say?! Perhaps so! :o) Hopefully I will get a quick response so I can start preparing my application, which unfortunately, means having to contact high school and university for official transcripts (I really don't want the Consulate to see my pathetic grades from school, but, what can I do about that! :op) I would also need to obtain a few letters of recommendation from teachers, and their preference is for letters of recommendation from recognized Italian institutions, which makes my life a whole lot easier, since I never formally studied Italian in Canada. All I would need to do is contact the Director at Istituto il David, and maybe a few of my teachers, and have them write the letters for me.
So, on the first day of a New Year, I've decided my resolution is ..... to stay in Italy as long as I possibly can! Let's hope it comes true.


Capodanno 2007!!

Hello 2007!!

Sunday night.
Friends from everywhere.
Fiesole in the fog.
Fireworks that could only be heard, not seen.
Outdoor party in St. Ambrogio.
Crazy Italians, you have to love them.
Late morning walk along the Arno.
A nice start to a new year!!